Buying basics

You can find great deals on just about anything on wasbay. Whether you want to buy something at a fixed price, or take part in an auction-style listing to win that perfect item, it’s easy to get started.


Top Questions-

How do I buy an item?

I won an item, but no longer want to buy it. What should I do?

How do I contact a seller?

How long should I wait for the seller to contact me?


Solve A Problem-

Before you bid, review the item description, seller information, and shipping policy. If you have any questions, email the seller. Learn more about the listing page.
If a seller (or someone claiming to be a seller) contacts you to complete a sale outside of wasbay, don’t accept the offer. Sales that take place outside of wasbay aren’t eligible for buyer protection, including the wasbay Money Back Guarantee, Feedback, and requests for contact information. Learn more about offers to buy or sell outside of wasbay.


All about buying
Knowing a few key concepts will help you become a successful buyer.

Using the listing page
Get an overview of what you’ll find in item listings.

Auction tips
Make smart, safe purchases by following these tips.

Buying items from your mobile device
Use wasbay’s mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet to browse, bid on, or buy items.

Different buying options
Bid on an item, or buy it at a fixed price.

Buying with the Buy It Now option
Find the types of listings that have a Buy It Now price. Items in some locations may also be available for same day delivery or free in-store pickup.

Buying as a guest
Buying as a guest lets you try shopping on wasbay without registering as an wasbay member.

Delivery and pickup options
In some locations, you can buy an item on wasbay and arrange to pick it up, or have it delivered directly to you.

Creating, sharing, and finding wish lists
Add items to your wish list, share it with your friends and family, and find other wish lists.

Contacting your seller
If you have a question or problem with an item, it’s best to contact the seller first.

After you buy your item
You’ve made a purchase, now what? Find out what to expect.

Returning an item with wasbay hassle-free returns
If you’d like to return an item you bought on wasbay, you can use wasbay hassle-free returns for some items.




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