The key to making a sale is creating a listing that attracts buyers. Here are some tips and tools to help you create effective listings.

Solve a problem
I want to keep certain buyers from bidding on my item.
Add their user IDs to your blocked bidders and buyers list.
I can’t upload my picture.
When using the photo uploader, clear your cache and temporary Internet files. Software like firewalls, ad blockers, and web accelerators can sometimes cause issues.
I don’t think buyers are finding my listing.
  • When you create your listing, be as descriptive as possible. Write an effective title and description, list your item in the right category, use product details (if offered), and fill out all item specifics suggested for your item.

  • You can make your listing stand out with listing upgrades such as a larger photo.

  • You may want to choose a longer listing duration.

  • Learn more about improving your search standing.

information to help you create effective wasbay listings.

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