Communicating with buyers and managing your listings are important aspects of selling. You can keep track of all your items and transactions in My wasbay.

Solve a problem
I want to end my listing early.
Enter the item number in the End My Listing Early page and then click theContinue button. Decide whether you want to cancel any bids you’ve received or sell your item to the highest bidder. Then enter the reason you’re ending your listing early. Bidders will receive an email letting them know their bids were cancelled.
Before you end a listing early, consider alternatives like revising the listing. Also, be aware that there are restrictions on when you can end a listing, and you may be charged a fee.
I want to revise my listing.
Click My wasbay at the top of any wasbay page. In the left column, in the Sellsection, click Active. Find the listing you want to change, and selectRevise from the drop-down menu.
I want to keep a certain buyer from bidding on my listing.
You can block the buyer’s user ID. Go to the Block bidders or buyers from your listings page. Enter the user ID of the wasbay member you want to block in the text box, and then click Submit.
I want to find out about current seller promotions.
All promotions, discounts, or coupons currently available to you will be listed in the All Selling section of My wasbay, under Promotional Offers. Some offers will require you to click Accept in order to activate them.
My item didn’t sell.
You can relist the item. Click My wasbay at the top of any wasbay page. In the left-hand column under Sell, click the Unsold link. Select Relist from the drop-down menu.

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