Sell with confidence. Find out how you can avoid transaction problems and resolve problems.

Solve a problem

I need to contact my buyer.
Click the Advanced link at the top of the wasbay home page. On the left side of the page, click Find contact information and follow the instructions.
I have a problem with a buyer.
If you have a problem with selling on wasbay, we want to know about it. Learn about handling problems with your buyers. If you don’t receive payment for an item or you want to cancel a transaction, go to the Resolution Center. We’ll help you work with your buyer to resolve the problem.
My buyer didn’t pay for the item.
First, send your buyer a friendly email. If that doesn’t work, try to reach the buyer by phone. If you don’t get a response, you can go to the Resolution Center to open an unpaid item case or use Unpaid Item Assistant to open and close a case on your behalf. If the problem remains unresolved, you’ll receive a final value fee credit when you close the case. You can then make a Second Chance Offer to another bidder, or relist the item. If you relist the item, you may qualify for an insertion fee credit.
My buyer backed out of the sale (but we’re on good terms).
For an active listing, agree to let the buyer cancel the bid. If the listing already ended, you can go to the Resolution Center and cancel the transaction.
I’m not able to follow through on my sale.
For an active listing, end your listing early. If the listing has ended, you can go to the Resolution Center and cancel the transaction.

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