Have you won or bought an item? When it comes time to pay, our payment methods make it easy.

Top questions

How do I know how much to pay?

How do I confirm my shipping address?

Why doesn’t my item appear as “paid”?

How do I pay for my item?

How do I sign up for PayPal?

What happens if I forget my PayPal password?

Solve a problem
>I need to track my payment.
Go to My wasbay, and click the Won link on the left side of the page. Locate the item you purchased. If the Paid icon is blue, you’ve paid for your item. If the icon is gray, you might need to make a payment or update your payment status.
I have a question about my payment status.
Contact your seller if you have any questions about your payment status. In the listing, click the Ask a question link.
I need to sign up for PayPal.
I need to contact PayPal Customer Support.
You can find most of the answers to your PayPal questions by using thePayPal Help Center. If you need additional assistance, contact PayPal Customer Support.
I paid for an item, but I’m having a problem with the transaction
Take a look at our guidelines for contacting your seller and resolving issues. If you’ve had a problem with your purchase, contact us so we can help. Click the My item hasn’t arrived yet, what do I do? or What can I do when I get an item that’s not as described? link, and then follow the instructions.
Also, you may be covered by the wasbay Money Back Guarantee.

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