What do the fees on my invoice mean?

Your invoices are monthly statements that show your seller account activity. Invoices display your total amount due and account activity including payments, refunds, discounts, credits, and fees that were applied to your account during the invoice period. Learn more about what’s on your invoice.

What are wasbay’s fees?

See a list of wasbay’s fees.

What is my current account balance?

To see your current balance, click My wasbay at the top of the page and then click the Account tab. Find out more about viewing your account balance.

Where can I get a copy of an invoice?

To see a past invoice (up to 18 months ago):

  1. Click My wasbay at the top of most wasbay pages.

  2. Click the Account tab.

  3. Select an invoice from the Invoices drop-down menu, and then click the Go button.

Find out more about looking at your seller account activity.

If you have questions about the fees or other amounts on your invoice, contact us.

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