A reserve price is the lowest price you’ll accept for your item. Other members can’t see the reserve price, but they’ll see that a listing has a reserve and whether it’s been met.

You can set a reserve price when you create your listing for an additional fee, which will be charged whether the reserve price is met or not. The reserve price option is only available for auction-style listings, and the listing fees for this option are not included in free-insertion-fee listings.

To set a reserve price for a listing, follow these steps:

  1. Switch to advanced tool.
  2. On the Create your listing page, scroll down to Describe your item.
  3. Select Add or remove options, then Format and price.
  4. Check the box next to Reserve price, then Save.
  5. To enter your reserve price, select Change next to No reserve price set for this item.
  6. Enter your reserve price, then Save.

If your reserve price hasn’t been met when the listing ends, you don’t have to sell the item to the highest bidder. If you’d like, you can alwaysmake a Second Chance Offer to one of the bidders.

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