The easiest way to ship internationally is through the Global Shipping Program.

If you prefer to handle international shipments yourself, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Research your shipping options in advance. Decide where you’re willing to ship to, and select a reliable shipping service.
  2. Specify in your preferences that you want to customize international shipping.
  3. In the International shipping section of your listing, specify the shipping cost and service. If you select calculated shipping, the cost will be based on the buyer location and the size and weight of the item. You must specify shipping to Australia, Canada and the UK for your item to appear on certain international sites.
  4. In the Description section of your listing, clearly indicate that responsibility for any customs or import duties is with the buyer.
  5. When you ship the item, remember to select delivery confirmation. For items over $750 in value, we also recommend signature confirmation. These options can help protect sellers from eBay Money Back Guarantee cases.

The Global Shipping Program makes it easy to sell to most international buyers. Here’s how it works:

  1. If you purchased labels through eBay, we automatically upload tracking tracking details for you. Otherwise, you’ll need to add them yourself. You can view or add tracking details in your seller dashboard.
  2. You ship the item to the US Global Shipping Center. Then we do the rest.
  3. We handle all the international shipping and customs logistics, and ship the item to the buyer.
  4. The buyer pays the international shipping and any related fees.

If the buyer asks a question about invoices, import fees, or paying for their order, we’ll automatically answer them on your behalf.

Most sellers are automatically included in the Global Shipping Program. You’ll need to opt out to block your items from international buyers.

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